SFC Markets and Finance | China’s 2024 Two Sessions: What Are the Highlights?

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China's 2024 Two Sessions will take place on March 4th. The Two Sessions are the most important political meetings in China. For this year's Two Sessions, what should we pay attention to?

Economy is always a key word for the Two Sessions. In 2023, China experienced a year of uneven but steady recovery, with the GDP surpassing 126 trillion yuan, growing 5.2 % from 2022. In contrast, the U.S. GDP grew 2.5%, the Eurozone GDP grew 0.5% and Japan's GDP grew 1.9%. This shows China is still driving global growth.

Another key word will be the new productive forces as China is boosting its high-quality development. Featuring high technology, high efficiency, and high quality, new productive forces are a main engine for China's modernization. With innovation leading, these forces mean advanced productivity freed from traditional economic growth models. 

To free advanced productivity from traditional economic growth models, China has been investing heavily in innovation. In 2022, the number of effective invention patents in China reached 4.212 million, ranking the first in the world. With the emergence of new productive forces, China's economy is poised to overcome challenges and grow steadily.





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