Riding the Wave: Jiangmen's Dragon Boat Race Showcases the History and Vitality of Overseas Chinese

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2024-06-14 18:45

On June 10th, a grand dragon boat race kicked off in Kaiping, Jiangmen, a famous overseas Chinese hometown. 36 teams from Kaiping, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and foreign countries competed with each other in the Tanjiang River, attracting tens of thousands of people to cheer for the participating teams. 


Dragon boat racing is one of the popular traditional customs in China. In Jiangmen, China's renowned hometown of overseas Chinese, the spirit of unity and excellence in dragon boat races epitomizes overseas Chinese's pursuit of a better life and their contributions to the hometown through concerted efforts. Through the dragon boat races, they have established strong cultural and emotional bonds with Jiangmen.


When it comes to overseas Chinese, it is hard not to mention "Qiaopi", which refers to the letters and remittances overseas Chinese sent to their hometowns. In a time when there were no phones or the Internet, Qiaopi served as the primary vehicle for overseas Chinese to communicate with their families back then. Qiaopi in Jiangmen, due to its large number, long history, wide coverage, and rich content, takes an important position in the preservation of the world's documentary heritage. These family letters from overseas Chinese vividly record their emigration and entrepreneurial stories, as well as their ardent love for their families and country. If you have time, you can learn more about these letters in the China Qiaodu Museum of Overseas Chinese.


As we walk down the streets of Jiangmen, a scroll of history and culture is slowly unfolding in front of us. Magnificent ancient villages incorporating Chinese and Western elements, watchtowers, and Qilou buildings all ooze with a quaint tone of traditional Lingnan culture.


Acclaimed as the "hometown of world-famous chefs", Jiangmen also attracts visitors from all over the world with its wide variety of culinary delights. From Waihai Noodles, Gulao Fish Skin Dumplings, Enping Steamed Vermicelli Rolls in the morning, to Liyue Spare Ribs, Taishan Eel Rice at noon, and to Gujing Roast Goose, Xinhui dried mandarin orange peel feast in the evening... All types of simplest ingredients are transformed into unexpected delicacies on the dining tables of local families.


The old and the new, the lively and the tranquil, the traditional and the modern are intertwined in this city of mountains and seas. Jiangmen welcomes friends from all over the world to experience the development of the city and discover the beauty of its rich culture and history.


It'll be only a matter of time before you fall in love with Jiangmen.

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