SFC TALK|Ali Abbas: China has been focusing on the green development in the BRI

全球财经连线杨雨莱 2023-10-20 09:07

南方财经全媒体记者施诗 北京报道

Ali Abbas, the senior reporter for City News Network in Pakistan, told SFC reporter that he considers China has been focusing on green development. Especially when they are developing and constructing any project in any other countries, they are also focusing on green development for the environmental protection, climate change and other also. He suggested that green development is very important for Pakistan because in Pakistan, they have a lot of issues in the fields of green development, economic growth, climate change. So he sincerely hopes that with the experts and officials of China, they will find a solution and implementation for green development. 

(作者:杨雨莱 编辑:和佳,剪辑李群)