SFC TALK|Alnemrat: The BRI conference deepens foreigners’ understanding of China

全球财经连线杨雨莱 2023-10-20 09:05

南方财经全媒体记者施诗 北京报道

In the interview with SFC, Rana Moh’ d Mustafa Alnemrat, the reporter from Jordan News Agency said that she was so excited and happy for this experience. Because China is a very big country that they need a lot of time to see what China has. But in this program, they have a very good experience to visit a lot of companies, a lot of projects, and a lot of cities. She was glad to see China going so speedy to the high level in the world.

(作者:杨雨莱 编辑:和佳,剪辑李群)