SFC TALK|Bakar: Tanzania railway has brought direct benefit to the local people

全球财经连线杨雨莱 2023-10-20 09:00

南方财经全媒体记者施诗 北京报道

Abubakar Harithi Bakar, the reporter from Zanzibar Broadcasting and Television Station indicates that countries still need to depend on each other. Because Tanzania has things maybe other countries depend on. While, Tanzania depends other things from other countries. So countries need to cooperate together, gaining a win-win situation. Always, they are supposed to benefit each other.

The direct benefits of Tanzania railway they can experience it by themselves, because they can see the railway and how it's working, believing it's going to bring them more profit in the future.

(作者:杨雨莱 编辑:和佳,剪辑李群)